How To Connect Epson Printer To WiFi Without Screen?

How To Connect Epson Printer To WiFi Without Screen?

Connect Epson Printer to WiFi without screen

One of the most important parts or components about owning a printer is knowing how the setup process of the device goes. This holds true for almost every printer. The Epson printer in specific is one which will give you innovative ways in which you can use it and address printer concerns. The printer will need to be connected properly first.

The setup and other process is one of the basics of why one needs to use the printer properly from the very beginning itself. This also determines how the printer is put to use and its functioning as well. Overall, thus, it is an important process of the whole thing how you connect your printer.

Now starting out, make sure that you have highlighted that in this case of connecting and the setup process, you do not have a screen involved as a part of it. Which is why you must adhere to the given guide below to decipher on how you can fix the issue.

Make sure that you first start out by pressing the i labelled button which is on the printer itself. You will also have to press the WiFi button too. Make sure that this happens. The lights on these will start to flicker and this will give you an idea that the net connection is starting to be established. Now, moving on from there, now you will be required to put in your ID and passcode.

Only when you do this can you move forward, so have these credentials handy as you will require them. Make sure that you also check this on the other device or phone which you might have.

It will be a WiFi direct connect which will be drawn up on your device. Make sure you initialize this, and then try to conduct a few test runs to see if the device is working properly now.

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