How to Connect Epson Printer to Wifi

How to Connect Epson Printer to Wifi

Epson printer is one of the foremost printing companies which presents its users with a wide range of options. Usually you are able to connect with the help of the internet and then connect and use this device. This is a simple process and you only need to follow the steps which are given below for this purpose. Make sure that you check the below given steps for successful connection of the Epson printer with the WiFi.

Connect Printer to Router

Before moving on to this, a few things must be pointed out in this regard:

1. You should start out by understanding that the printer setup should first be in order before you commence with this step.

2. This would mean anything ranging from ensuring that your printer is externally connected in a proper manner, to the fact that your network router for the internet is working and is attached properly as well.

3. Another thing to make sure in this case is the fact that your printer must be having a working ink cartridge, the printing tray must be attached properly as well before moving on to establishing printer connection properly.

4. Another thing to bear in mind is that if the printer poses some problems in this process, then make sure that you have your device properly checked by customer service through the options given there. There will be technical help which will be provided by the company and its experts which could assist in Epson printer connection to WiFi in a better manner.

The steps on how you can connect the Epson printer to Wifi have been given below:

  1. Start out by ensuring you have the login details, password and credentials with you already. This will help you at a later stage of the process. You can also check on the back of the router for whether this option is given there.
  2. Ensure your device has enough printing paper etc. and that it has been switched on first with the help of a continuous power source helping the device work properly too. Once this has been done, then press the Wifi button on your printer.
  3. Wait for the light flashing to stop and then the lights will on their own stabilize on the device. You will have a dialog box show in front of you which details of the network ID, SSID or passcode have to be typed in. Make sure you have gotten the correct credentials from the back of the router or while purchasing the Epson printer itself.
  4. On the device which you are trying to establish a connection with, you will also have to go there and check whether your device options in the WiFi section are available for this. Make sure that you have your options present in front of you before choosing one. Pick out of the WiFi options, the name of the one which you want to establish a connection with on your printer.
  5. Once you have done this, and then typed in the passcode and details, you will then be able to proceed to the printing process. Make sure you save any changes which happen on the device and then move on to conducting a few test prints on the device.
  6. Lastly, make sure that you do a few test prints, save the changes, reboot your device if needed and then continue using it. This would largely help you in connecting your Epson printer to the Wifi and contribute to making the process hassle free for you as well.

Other things to keep in mind during this process is the fact that your network connection must be stable through the whole course of things. This might cause hindrances in the way that the printer connection is happening, or the connection to the WiFi might not happen at all.

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