How I can Connect iPhone to Epson Printer?

How I can Connect iPhone to Epson Printer?

Connect iPhone to Epson Printer

If you want to connect your iPhone to your printer than it can seems like a hassle, but once you got connected to it, the convenience is indubitable.

This article will help you to connect your iPhone to your Epson printer. The upcoming methods or steps will surely complete your needs.

How to Print using Apple Airprint

Apple Airprint allows you to create documents of your own choice with full screen display and good graphical quality without the installation of drivers or configuring the printer key. The requirements for the process: any model iPad, an iPhone 3Gs, a third generation iPod touch as well as latest version of iOS and anAirprint compatible printer with good firmware. The function of Apple Airprint are same for all iPhone models, which is convenient to use weather it is for iPhone 5 or iPhone 12.

Connectin to wifi

To use Airprint , assure that your printer and your iPhone must be connected to a same wifi network . You can allows the Airprint function depending on which your printer is using. You can also check your printer manual or the website for more information about how to turn on the settings.

Select the printer

Check the connection between your printer and iPhone through mail, safari or Evernote by opening an Airprint supported app. It is common in every app to show arrowfor reply icon. Click the icon, select printer, or your printer should be appeared by default. If this doesn’t work than go to the select printer option on top and allow your iPhone to scan nearby printer device.

Choose the number of copies

You can go to the select option and can select number of copies you want to print by clicking on arrow of addition and subtraction. Minimum number of copies can be printed is one and you can print upto 99 copies at same time. You can select the colour option if you want coloured copies.


After selecting the printer and number of copies you want to print, select print on the top right corner of the screen. You can check your printing status by double clicking the Home- button. After that choose print centre and click on cancel printing.

How to print using email

Many of the Epson printer are featured with Epson Email print for printing anywhere in the world by simply sending photo’s or documents to the printer’s assigned Email. Once the set-up is done this process is simple and convenient and only requirement is to send document from your iPhone to the printer through mail. This function is not available for every model of printer but common in Epson printer and the latest designed hp printer.

Activate Email printing

You should assure that your printer should be Email compatible and enable the e-mail option. This process is different for different devices like Epson user can activate Epson connect for a while – fir the further process you can check your Epson manual. The Printer will be assigned an Email upon activation which will contain some random character which you can change as per your own convenience. There is no such requirement for connecting your iPhone with the same the network through which your Printer is connected. The printer is still required to connect to a WiFi as opposed to a standard USB cable.


If the set-up is done properly then all you need is to E-mail the document or picture from your iPhone to printer. The size and letter size on plain paper will be adjusted in the default settings. The Printer will not accept the document in all the formats except Word, PowerPoint, JPEGs, and PNG. Check your printer details regarding size and the number of printable attachment.

We hope that the above mentioned will be helpful to you, if not then please comment below the article so that we can help you through our further contents in brief.

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