How to Connect WPS PIN for Epson Printer?

How to Connect WPS PIN for Epson Printer?

Epson printer are one of the top international brands offering its printer devices. For offering high quality printing experience the starting steps is to connect your printer to your system and wired or wireless internet network.

There are a lot of questions that people have when they need to setup their Epson printer. The questions regarding connection using WPS PIN on Epson printer is a quite common one. If you are also facing the same issue, if you are also looking out for a help to connect WPS PIN for Epson printer or are looking for a way to connect WPS PIN for Epson printer, then you have landed on the correct page.

We are here to answer the connection related questions along with the answer of “where to find WPS PIN on Epson printer”. Let’s being with learning what WPS PIN is and how you need to setup it.

WPS PIN – Setup & Configuration

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This is an encoded ciphertext that is produced at the router end and is a secure and secret key. WPS pin let the Epson printer get connected to the other wireless devices connected to the same network router.

If you have knowledge about the configuration method of WPS Pin, it is definitely going to help you a lot while installation, setting up and connecting your Epson printer to your network and computer system. Whenever there is any connectivity issue, the printer connection with the wireless network, in the WPS mode is considered to be the safest, secure and the quickest method of connection.

The steps for configuring the Epson printer using the WPS Pin mode are given below:

  • Connect the power plug of the printer to the electrical wall outlet for power and make sure to turn the printer on.
  • The next step is to check if the paper tray has A4 size paper sheets present in it or not? If not, insert them.
  • Now go to your printer’s control screen menu tab and hit the wireless mode icon present on the screen.
  • After doing so, wait for some time until you see the wireless light being stable and blue in color. Press ok and wait for a few moments.
  • Your Epson printer is automatically going to display all the printer configuration details on the printer screen now.
  • Now, find the WPS pin mode settings.
  • After finding the settings, you are supposed to click on it to let the system generate a WPS Pin on printer.
  • Now, go to your laptop or computer system and try connecting the wireless network.
  • While the scanning is ongoing for detecting the printer, it will ask for the generated WPS Pin.
  • Enter the WPS pin at this point of time and get connected to the printer.

Guide on How to Use WPS PIN On Epson Printer

  • Make sure to set the connectivity mode of the system to open mode.
  • Hit the power button to start the scan.
  • The next step is to hold on the connecting key, until you see the Ok status on the screen.
  • Now, enter the location code or the ZIP code of yours, on your wireless router machine or you can wait for two minutes to get access point enabled.
  • At last, turn off the scan mode.

How to Connect WPS PIN on Epson Printer?

You are supposed to choose one of the two possible methods of connecting your Epson printer to the wireless router using a WPS PIN mode. Although, both the methods are quite similar, but the first one is a lot easy and effective in comparison to the other one. Let’s understand it:

These methods are:

  • WPS Pin Mode
  • WPS Push Mode

As per the experts, the emphases in on the WPS Pin Mode. This method was developed by the computer experts or scientists for using the wireless channel when they are connecting to an Epson printer. Follow the given below steps:

Go to the router of your wireless network, and look at the backside of the device. There you will find an info log that has default information about the router including the WPS Pin.

For safe practices, it is not advised to login to your router for changing or resetting the present WPS Pin with a new one.

Ensure to enable the WPS on your router.

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