How Do I Fix Blank Pages Printing Problem with Epson Printer?

How Do I Fix Blank Pages Printing Problem with Epson Printer?

Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages

Printers are a great invention that has not only made the printing a simple activity to but has also made our life easy in many ways. It lets us turn a softcopy document into a hardcopy one, it saves a lot of time, efforts and now even electricity.
Out of the thousands of companies manufacturing and offering printers to the world, a few names are extremely popular and trustworthy. One such printer brand is Epson printers. These are the most preferred printers in the present times.
Due to the finest quality, it produces, the Epson printers are highly in demand. These are the kind of printers that are a perfect fit for both professional as well as personal usage. You can easily find Epson printers being used in companies and also at homes.
Nothing comes without issues and the same applies to the Epson printers as well. Besides being really good in printing, a lot of users or the customers have reported some technical issues in the printers. One very common technical issue is Epson printer not printing or Epson printer printing blank pages.
Well, this is one if the very common problems faced by the Epson printer owners and can be resolved easily by applying some troubleshooting techniques. But before heading to the solutions, let’s understand the causes that leads to Espon printer printing blank pages.

Causes of Espon Printer Printing Blank Pages

The most common causes of Espon printer printing blank pages are:
Nozzles getting clogged
Empty ink cartridges
Cartridge installation issues
Problem with the paper size
Expired/ outdated or non-genuine version of printer software
Issues with printer driver

Things to Check Before Moving Forward

Before you start applying the solutions you need to check a few basic things that have been listed down below:
Check if the printer is on a flat and stable surface. Any tilt in the surface can lead to such issues.
Ensure that the yellow-colored tape was removed from the ink cartridge before installing it.
Make sure to check out the paper size, layout settings and other printing related settings to be correct.
If your ink cartridge is old, you are required to replace it with a new one.
Check for the paper quality product specification, because if the paper is not fulfilling the product’s specification, it can lead to printing issues.
The last is to check that there are no blank pages in the document that you are printing.

Methods to Resolve Epson Printer Printing Blank Pages Issue

Skip Blank Pages

Press the Windows button to launch the settings page.
Go to printers and scanners inside the device section and tap on the connected printer.
Now, hit the manage tab and click on the printing preferences for skipping the blank pages present in the document you are printing.

Cleaning the Nozzle

Go to setup option, present on your Epson printer’s home button.
Now, go to the maintenance tab and choose the check printer head nozzle.
In the next step, your printer will start checking the nozzle by printing a document.
If you see any lines or gaps, then you can go for selecting the clean printer head option for eliminating the issue.

Updating Printer Driver

Visit the official website of the Epson printers and enter the model number of the printer you are using.
This will lead you to the model of your printer, click on it and start downloading the printer drivers.
Once the download is over, install the new printer driver and check if the problem has been resolved or not?

Clogged Nozzle Check

The clogged nozzle can be due to the following two reasons:
Due the low ink level in cartridges which can be resolved by replacing it with a new one.
The presence of protective tape on the printer head, which was supposed to be removed at the time of installation. Removing it can also resolve the issue.

Troubleshooting the Printer

Go to the device section and open settings. Update the security option.
Now, on the left side, choose the troubleshoot tab and then click on the printer on the right page.
Now, run troubleshooter and once its done, check if the problem resolved.

Restarting Printer

Press the power button, present on the printer and hold it until the printer shuts down.
Next is to unplug the power plug from the wall socket and wait for at least three minutes.
Now, plug the printer back again and switch the printer on and check if the problem is eliminated or not.

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