How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 0X69?

How to Troubleshoot Epson Error Code 0X69?

fix Epson error code 0x69

If you are the owner of either of the following Epson printers, then facing an issue like Epson error code 0X69 is a very common thing for you. These Epson printers include:

  • WF-3620
  • WF-4630
  • WF-3640
  • WF-7610

When this error occurs, the printer stops working suddenly and the next time you will try to take a print out of it, it is going to display the error code 0X69. This Epson error generally take place with there is some internal hardware issue is present. If the motherboard fails or any other inter system fails, it can lead to Epson error code 0X69.

But, you need not to worry about it anymore. We are answering all the questions in your mind to resolve this issue.

Steps to Fix Epson Error Code 0X69

This can be done in multiple ways. We have discussed them all here.

Unplugging the Printer

You can try to resolve the issue easily by turning your printer off and opening its case. Check for the any paper getting stuck inside it accidently. If there is any, please remove it with all care so that it won’t cause any harm to the printer.

Removing the Cartridge

After trying out for the first method, if you see the same error code again, then you try removing the cartridge of your printer. But, make sure to turn off your printer properly before doing so.

Trying Troubleshooting Tool

Microsoft is a brand that has a tool for almost every issue printer issue. It also has a tool for troubleshooting this printer error as well. You need to download and install the tool in your computer system and allow it to run in your system successfully.

Cleaning Head & Nozzle

Clogged nozzle is also a reason that can lead to the error code 0X69. For cleaning the nozzle, you have turn the printer off and then you can open the printer case to clean the nozzle, so that the ink flow will become smooth and you will get clear prints. The can be done with the printer heads as well.


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